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The 1989 Official Plan

The 1989 Official Plan consists of Part A, which contains the text of the Plan; Part B, which contains the mapping portion of the plan; and Part C, contains the Appendices that support the plan. The 1989 Official Plan will be repealed when the policy appeals to The London Plan are resolved.

Part A - Official Plan Text

Official Plan Text

Part B- Official Plan Maps 

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Schedule A - Land Use

Schedule B1 - Natural Heritage Features

Schedule B2 - Natural Resources and Hazards

Schedule C - Transportation Corridors

Schedule D - Planning Areas


Part C - Appendices

(Please contact the Planning Division for the maps below)

Appendix 1 - Convenience Commercial and Service Stations
Appendix 2 - Noise Exposure Forecast

About the Parts of the Plan

Part A, contains the text of the Official Plan. The text contains the objectives and policies for the development of the City of London and includes five sections - Section I, the Introduction and Planning Framework Policies; Section II, the Land Use Policies; Section III, Amenity, Urban Design and Environmental Policies; Section IV, Servicing Policies; and, Section V, Implementation Policies. Contained within these sections are statements of objectives and policies intended to fulfil the purposes of this Plan. These objectives and policies, together with the maps contained in Part B, comprise the "official" part of the Plan and to which the provision of public works and adoption of the by-laws by City Council must conform. Part A also contains, at the beginning of various sections, explanatory statements shown in italic type. These statements are provided only to assist in the understanding of the policies and are not considered to be part of the Official Plan.

Part B, contains the maps, includes Schedule "A" - the Land Use Map; Schedule "B" - the Flood Plain and Environmental Features Map; Schedule "C" - the Transportation Corridors Map; and Schedule "D" - Proposed Planning Areas Map.

Part C, contains background material and maps that relate to, or elaborate upon, policies contained in the text of the Plan. The Appendices are included for information purposes only and are not considered to be part of the Official Plan.

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