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Sign Permit Process and Application

If you run a business, corporation, or institution you will probably want to advertise and/or identify your business with a sign or signs. It is recommended that you review Section 3 of the Sign By-law to determine if the sign you want to display requires a permit.

All documents and information needed to apply for a sign permit can be obtained below or by visiting the 7th floor of City Hall during regular business hours. It is recommended you review the Sign By-law before applying for your permit.

Watch the video "Required Documents for a Sign Permit Application" for more information about applying for a sign permit

Apply Online:

Visit the Building E-Portal page to apply for a sign permit online. Once you have logged in to the E-Portal, select the "Sign Permit" tile to make your sign permit application(s).

NOTE: You must register as a new user before you are able to log in and use the E-Portal, and account activation can take up to 36 hours. Click HERE to register for a new account. Click HERE to watch the new user registration how-to video.

See Below for Application Information

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  • Applying for a Permit

    Click here to watch the video "Required Documents for a Sign Permit Application"

    1. A completed permit application form (including fees).
    2. A site plan/survey clearly indicating the location of the proposed sign(s).
      • Ground signs must have distance measurements from permanent sturctures or elements (i.e. sidewalk, lamp post, building).
        • Sample diagram coming soon
      • Facial wall signs must have distance measurements from the property line to the face of the building.
        • Sample diagram coming soon
      • Projecting wall signs must have distance measurements from the furthest edge of the sign from the effective face of the building/structure and to the property line.
        • Sample diagram coming soon
    3. Detailed structural drawings for each sign with sufficient information to determine compliance including dimensions, weight, materials used, information about how the sign will be mounted, if necessary, etc.
      • Engineer stamped plans are required when:
        • a ground sign exceeds 7.5m in height above the adjacent finished ground;
        • a projecting wall sign weighs more than 115kg;
        • a roof sign has any face that is more than 10m2; or
        • a projecting wall sign is attached or fastened in any manner to a parapet wall.
      • Engineer stamped plans may be required by the Structural Plans Examiner after further review of the proposed signage.
    4. See the below checklists for all required general information and diagrams.


    • Every elevation requires a separate application.
    • Different types of signage requires separate applications and fees (i.e. facial wall sign, projecting wall sign, ground sign)
    • Fillable forms work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    In some cases the above information will need to be accompanied by additional information. Below is a list of other situations and documents that may be required:

    1. A Letter of Authorization from the Property Owner is required if the person applying is not the property owner.
    2. If the sign does not comply with the regulations of the Sign By-law 2017, a Sign Variance will need to be applied for and approved prior to permit issuance.
    3. If the sign is projecting over City Property, a Full Licensing Agreement registered on title and a Certificate of Insurance will be required.
    4. If there are multiple signs on the property, a Signage Master Plan may be required.
    5. The proposed signage may be within a Special District. Please call 519-930-3510 or review Section 10 in the Sign By-law 2017 for more information:
  • Licensing Agreement

    A Licensing Agreement is required between the City of London and the registered property owner if the proposed sign is on or over public property. An additional application fee is required.

    Required documentation:

    1. Certificate of Insurance;
      • Completed by the registered property owner's insurance company;
    2. Licensing Agreement;
      • Drafted by the Business and Zoning Coordinator and signed by the registered property owner and Mayor;
    3. Schedule A - Legal Description;
    4. Schedule B - Site Plan;
    5. Schedule C - Elevation; and
    6. Schedule D - Structural


    • Due to Land Registry Office requirements, aerial photographs and/or pictures will not be accepted. All plans must be submitted as line drawings or renders.
    • A licensing agreement may require additional permit review time.
  • Fees

    Fees for sign permits are provided in Schedule "A" of the Sign By-law 2017 and are dependant on the type of sign.  The below table has been extracted from the Sign By-law 2017 for your convenience, however, where discrepencies occur, the table published in the Sign By-law 2017, and not below, will represent the prescribed fee. A sign permit is required for each type of sign regardless of location on the property along with the associated fee per sign permit.

    Sign By-law 2017 - Schedule A - Sign Fees

    NOTE: Permit fees are doubled if a sign has been erected before a permit has been issued.



    Ground Signs:

    $40/m2 of total sign face area, minimum $200.00

    Billboard Signs, Railway Overpass Signs, Industrial Park Signs:

    $600.00 flat fee

    Facial and Projecting Wall Signs:

    $35/m2 of total sign face area, minimum $110.00

    Sign Repairs (requiring a permit):

    $200.00 flat fee

    1 Where a permanent sign is on, or over, a city road allowance (where permitted), $200.00 will be added to the application fee noted above. See "Signs located on or over City Road Allowance".



    Real Estate Signs (other than Real Estate Banner Signs) greater than 5.0m2

    $40.00/m2 of total sign face area

    Mobile Signs (other than Real Estate Banner Signs and Read-o-Graph Mobile Signs):

    $50.00 for each display period of 28 calendar days or less

    Real Estate Banner Signs:

    $100.00 per month

    Read-o-Graph Mobile Signs:

    $300.00 annually (June 23rd of any calendar year to June 30th of the following year), or $25/month or part thereof, for the remainder of the time the permit sticker is valid.

    Construction Signs Greater than 10m2

    $40.00 per m2 of total sign face area



    New Home Development Signs:

    $200.00 Administrative Fee + $60.00/sign



    Signs located on or over City Road Allowance:


    Expedited sign permit review: five (5) working days:

    Additional 100% of sign permit fee(s)2

    Review of new, additional, or revised information received prior to permit issuance:

    Greater of $110.00, or additional time spent, measured to nearest whole hour, at a rate of $75.00/hour

    Review of new, additional, or revised information received after permit issuance:

    Greater of $200.00 or additional time spent, measured to nearest whole hour, at a rate of $75.00/hour

    Application for Minor Variance:


    Appeal of Minor Variance to Hearings Officer:


    Application for Sign By-law Amendment:


    Permit application refund:

    50% of the initial fee3

    Where a sign is located on or over City Property, has been removed, and the owner has notified the Building Division in writing:

    Refund pro-rated based on annual renewal fee3

    "Not Ready" Inspection Fee:

    $150.00 payable prior to any subsequent inspections4

    Installation of a Sign, or Sign Structure, or Display of a Sign Prior to Permit Issuance:

    Additional fee of 100% of the original sign permit fee.

    2 Based on complete application submission and staff availability.

    3 Amounts of less than $110.00 shall not be refunded.

    4 Where inspection has been requested but is unable to be completed because work not ready for inspection.



    Projecting wall signs, facial wall signs, and ground signs on or over the City’s road allowance:

    $150.00/year/sign, charged annually



    Cost of removal $100.00 or less:

    $100.00/sign, plus Sign Storage Fee

    Cost of removal, greater than $100.00:

    City’s actual cost of dismantling and removing the sign, plus the sign storage fee, and a fee of $100.00 for calculating costs, etc.

    Sign Storage Fee:

    $5.00/calendar day, or part thereof.

    For more information, please refer to the Sign By-law, or contact City staff.

  • Additional Information

    Sign By-law S.-5868-183 (2017)

    • The City of London's new Sign By-law 2017 is in force and effect as of May 30th, 2017.  The new By-law regulates all new signs displayed in the City of London.  The new By-law includes new regulations and fees for all advertising devices erected and displayed in the City

    Sign and Canopy By-law S-3775-94 (Old By-law)

    • The City of London's Sign & Canopy By-law remains in force and effect in order to regulate all signs legally erected or displayed prior to the passing of the Sign By-law 2017. This By-law has been updated to reflect the new fees approved by Council as of May 30th, 2017.

    Sign Companies

    • If you are a sign contractor or business who routinely works in the sign industry, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with both the By-law and permit process so that you can communicate information to your clients. City staff are available to help you understand the processes, timelines, and regulations.
  • All Documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Do I need a permit for my sign?
      • A permit is required to erect, display, substantially alter, or structurally repair any advertising device in the City of London. Section 3 of the Sign By-law 2017 explains permissions, prohibitions, and exemptions from the By-law.
    2. Who should apply for a permit?
      • The registered property owner or an authorized agent can apply for a permit, however, permission from the property owner is required. It is the responsibility of both tenant(s) and property owner(s) to ensure signs are compliant with the By-law.
      • Before signing a lease, as a tenant, you should ensure that the sign you want can be displayed where you want it.
    3. What if my proposed sign does not comply with the regulations of the By-law?
      • The regulations in the By-law are in place to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the City. However, in some instances how you want to advertise does not comply with the regulations.
      • If you propose a sign which does not, or can not, comply with the By-law regulations, options such as a Sign Variance or Sign By-law Amendment can be applied for to change the regulations to meet your needs. Speak with a Business and Zoning Coordinator before submitting your application to discuss how your sign complies (or does not comply) with the By-law, and what your options may be. NOTE: there are additional fees associated with varying or amending the By-law.
    4. Why is there a Sign By-law and a Sign and Canopy By-law? Which should I refer to?
      • As of May 30, 2017 the City of London has introduced a new Sign By-law.  However, in order to regulate signs and advertising devices legally erected and displayed prior to the new By-law, we maintain the "old" (Sign & Canopy) By-law. If you are considering erecting or displaying a new sign, or are substantially altering an old sign, the sign will be regulated by the (new) Sign By-law 2017.  If you are repairing, maintaining, or making a minor alteration to a sign legally displayed prior to May 30, 2017, then the regulations of the (old) Sign & Canopy By-law regulate your project.  City Staff are happy to assist if you still have questions about which By-law your project falls under.
    5. What does "elevation" mean in this context?
      • Elevaton within the Sign By-law 2017 refers to the direction of the wall the sign is attached to. If the facial wall sign or projecting wall sign is on the North face of the building, it has a North elevation.
        • Signs on different elevations require separate sign permits;
        • Facial wall signs on the same elevation may be combined on the same permit;
        • Projecting wall signs and facial wall signs on the same elevation require separate sign permits as they are different sign types with different regulations.



    *Fillable .pdf forms work best with Microsoft Internet Explorer

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