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Secondary Dwelling Units

The City of London passed a Zoning By-law Amendment (Z.-1-172595) on July 25, 2017 allowing home owners to convert their single family homes into two (2) units. However, the home owner must comply with the regulations set out in the City of London Zoning By-law Z.-1, Section 4 - General Provisions, Subsection 4.37 - Secondary Dwelling Units.

Some general information is provided below, however, it is strongly recommended that you review the documents to the right for more information regarding the Secondary Dwelling Unit By-law and contact the Upper Thames Conservation Authority if your property is within the Conservation Area. See the Zoning CityMap for more information.

Feel free to come to the 7th floor of City Hall during regular business hours to speak with a Zoning Officer and Architectural Plans Examiner or call 519-661-4555 for more information.

Visit the Secondary Dwelling Units By-law page to translate the by-law using the "Translate" button at the top of the page.

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  • When did the Secondary Dwelling Units By-law come into effect?

    By-law Number Z.-1-172595, also known as Bill 140 or Secondary Dwelling Units By-law, was passed in Open Council on July 25, 2017

  • Why was this By-law passed?

    The Secondary Dwelling Units By-law was brought to the City of London by the Provincial Government through Bill 140 Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011. See below rationale from Planning Report OZ-8053:

    1. Bill 140 Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act, 2011 amended the Planning Act to require that municipalities adopt policies in their Official Plans to provide for secondary dwelling units.
    2. Policy 1.4.3 of the Provincial Policy Statement requires that the City plan for an appropriate mix of housing types and densities and permit, where appropriate "all forms of residential intensification, including second units".
    3. In the approval of the new Official Plan for the City of London, The London Plan, the Minister of Municipal Affairs modified the secondary dwelling unit policies as adopted by Municipal Council. This amendment ensures that the secondary dwelling unit policies of The London Plan and the Official Plan, 1989 are consistent.
    4. Further to the Council's direction to receive community input regarding secondary dwelling unit policies as modified by the Minister of Municipal Affairs, general support for these modified policies was received from the advisory committees and the public
  • How does this affect me?
    • As a homeowner, you now have the right to convert up to 40% of your existing single family dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, or street townhouse dwelling to a secondary dwelling unit.
  • Secondary Dwelling Unit Regulations
    • A maximum of one (1) secondary dwelling unit is permitted per lot.
    • The registered owner of the property does not need to occupy either of the units. Both units can be rented out. A rental licence is required for both units
    • A secondary dwelling unit can occupy up to 40% of the existing dwellings gross floor area;
    • A secondary dwelling unit can be added as an addition to the existing dwelling. The addition cannot be greater than 40% of the existing dwelling total floor area;
    • A secondary dwelling unit can be within an accessory detached structure on the same property. Site Plan Approval is required.
    • The secondary dwelling unit and primary dwelling unit together shall not exceed five (5) bedrooms.
    • Secondary dwelling units are required to conform to all Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, and City of London Zoning regulations.
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