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Reporting a Non-Licenced Unit

Property Inquiry/Register a Complaint

If you know of a rental property in your neighbourhood you may use the Property Inquiry System or call 519-930-3515 to find out if the rental is licenced.

If the rental property is not licenced, to enter a complaint you may call 519-661-4660 or email the details to

How to Find A Rented Residential Unit 

Below is a step by step instruction on how to search a property from the Zoning City Map:

  1. Input the address into the search bar at the top of the page and press enter.
    • Note: the search bar provides suggested addresses while typing. Simply click on the most appropriate address to expedite the process. If your address is not searching, verify that the municipal number is correct and that the street is spelled correctly.
  2. The map will take you right to the address. It will be marked with a red marker.
    • You will now see zoning information. The purple lines indicate zone boundaries and the purple text indicates the name of the zone(s).
  3. You can zoom in and out with the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  4. Zoom in to the property and click anywhere on the property, avoiding the red marker.
    • A dialogue box will appear providing property and zone information. You can flip between the two types of information using the arrows beside "1 of 2".
  5. Click on the ">" to the left of the address search bar. This will open the layers tab
  6. Click the box beside the heading "Residential Rental Licences"
  7. The map will now display all rental properties in blue with an orange or green circle in the middle of the property indicating a pending licence (orange) or active licence (green).
  8. If you are unsure about the information provided or would like more information; visit the Property Inquiry System or call the Licencing Department at 519-930-3515.



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