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Applying for a Building Permit

The City of London Building By-law B-6 has been repealed. Click HERE for information on the new City of London Building By-law B-7.

You can submit your building permit application in person at our office, located on the 7th floor of City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue, or use our online E-Permit system. The E-Permit System can be used when applying for permits relating to certain residential plumbing and simple additions & alterations for single detached homes. If you are a registered home builder, you can use the E-permit system to submit permit applications and CAD drawings online for new single detached, semi-detached and row housing.

NOTE: Registration is required prior to applying for an e-permit. Account activation can take up to 36 hours. Click HERE to register for a new account. Click HERE to watch the new user registration how-to video.

See Below for Application Information

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Prescribed Review Periods for Building Permit Applications

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  • 10 Days
    1. Houses and semi-detached houses including:
      • Additions, renovations
      • Decks
      • Attached garages, carports
    2. Detached structures serving a building described under item 1.
      • Sheds, Garages, Carports
      • Pool houses
    3. Tents
  • 15 Days
    1. Town houses or row houses.
    2. Buildings, other than those described above,  where the Ontario Building Code, Part 9 is applicable
      • 3 or fewer stories in height
      • Building area less than 600 m2
      • Major Occupancies classified as
        • Residential
        • Business and Personal Services (eg. Offices)
        • Mercantile (eg. Retail stores)
        • Medium or low hazard industrial
    3. Farm Buildings not exceeding 600 m2 building area.
  • 20 Days
    1. Buildings where the Ontario Building Code, Part 3 is applicable
      • More than 3 storeys
      • Greater than 600 m2 building area
      • Major Occupancies Classified as
        • Assembly (including restaurants over 30 seats)
        • Care or Detention
        • Residential
        • Business and Personal Services
        • Mercantile
        • High, medium, or low hazard industrial
    2. Farm buildings exceeding 600 m2 building area
  • 30 Days
    1. Post-disaster buildings
    2. High buildings to which OBC 3.2.6. applies
    3. Buildings with interconnected floor areas to which OBC to applies
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