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Building Division COVID-19 Status

As part of our ongoing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, and in keeping with the Province of Ontario’s declaration of a State of Emergency, the City of London’s Building Division has moved to minimal operations and delivering essential services only until further notice.

As of June 15, the main floor lobby of City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. if you wish to attend in person for building/sign/pool fence permit inquiries only.  To apply for a permit, please do not attend City Hall, but instead refer to “Application Submission” below.

The following services are in effect as of June 22, 2020.

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  • Application Submission

    Our online portal is available for the submission of Residential and Simple Plumbing permit applications. Visit to register or apply.

    Permit applications for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Large Residential building types can be submitted in digital format only by emailing More information is available here.

    Permits for Signs, Pool Fences, and Work Approvals

    Permit processing for the following, continues and remains unchanged:

    • Work Approval Permits (email inquiries to
    • Move/Heavy Load Permits
    • Sign permits (register or apply at
    • Swimming Pool Fence Permits (apply at

    Replies to all email enquiries related to the above are still available.

  • Important Notice for All Inspections (Building, Plumbing, and Fire Protection)

    Despite all inspections appearing as available on the online portal, some inspection types may not be available.

    Inspection requests are to be made via email only to   An automated email will be sent back with further instructions related to inspection booking.

    Any inspection requests that do not meet the restriction criteria (see ‘Restrictions for Inspections’) will be cancelled.

    For any inspections not available by Building Division staff at this time, the permit holder has the option to retain a professional engineer or architect to inspect phases of construction as identified on the permit card.  Their inspection reports will need to be submitted to our office. Upon resuming normal operations, the building inspector may request portions of the work to be uncovered. Please check with our office first, by emailing  prior to making these arrangements.

    For select inspection types, platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are available.  Please contact your inspector for more information.

  • Restrictions for Inspections

    For inspections under a NEW-ERECT permit, inspectors will announce their arrival and ask that ALL tradespersons vacate the building (SINGLE/Semi-detached dwellings, Row Townhouses), including attached garages. Only thereafter, will the inspection be conducted.

    Anyone that may want to speak to the inspectors on site is requested to adhere to a 2 metre safe distance limit. Should the inspectors determine that this is not followed, on a discretionary basis, they will leave the premises.

  • Inspections for Single Detached Dwelling/Row Townhouse ALTERATIONS

    Inspections are conducted for small residential buildings under renovation with a permit issued for alterations.

    If you have requested an inspection under a building permit for ALTERATION work and have not provided us with a site contact phone number, please reply to and provide it so your inspection date is not compromised. This allows the inspector to be able to call on the date of the inspection.

    Please note that:

    • it is your responsibility to ensure the inspector is able to successfully connect with the person assigned this number in order that the inspection be carried out.
    • If the inspector calls, and there is no answer, he/she will attempt to knock on the front door.   If no one answers, the inspector will leave and record the inspection(s) as ‘“Inspection Cancelled by City”. You will then be required to rebook the inspection(s).
    • As a result of the above, when the inspector attends for the second time, he/she will attempt contact by phone only.
    • If upon inspection, the inspector finds that the work is not ready or previously identified deficiencies have not been rectified, the inspection will be deemed as “Not Ready” and you will need to remit the associated fee. Currently, that amount is $178.68 and indexed annually March 1st.

    The following site restrictions MUST be adhered to:

    1. At all times during the on-site physical inspection, and after the inspector has confirmed arrival, ALL other tradespersons are to vacate the area under renovation.  Only upon confirmation of this, will the inspector enter.
    2. Anyone wishing to speak to the inspector must do so at a minimum distance of 2.0m.
    3. The area under renovation must be separated from the remaining dwelling by use of a full-height temporary partition or a curtain consisting of fabric or vapour barrier material.
    4. When the inspector arrives, he/she will call the number given previously and confirm that, if for any reason, occupants (not tradespersons) MUST remain in the dwelling, the permit holder/homeowner shall provide confirmation via text message to the inspector, prior to the inspection, that all occupants have answered ‘No’ to ALL of the following questions:
      • Do you have a fever and/or new onset cough or difficulty breathing?
      • Have you been in close contact (within 6 feet) with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
      • Have you travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days?
      • Have you been in close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been to a Covid-19 impacted area?

    The text message must include the address.

         5. Platforms such as FaceTime or WhatsApp may be used at the discretion of the inspector. Arrangements for this, need to be made with the inspector prior to the inspection.

         6. The inspector may not commence or terminate the inspection at any time, if the above restrictions have not been complied with.  The permit holder will receive a “Inspection Cancelled by City” notice via email and will need to re-book the inspection.

  • Inspections for Accessory Residential Structures

    Inspections are available for unoccupied accessory structures (sheds, carports, pool cabanas, both attached and detached garages, decks, etc.).

    For select inspection types, platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are available. Please contact your inspector for more information.

  • Inspections for Partial Occupancy Permits

    Inspections are conducted for partial occupancy permits. No subsequent inspections are available for any subsequent partial occupancy permit requests once a building has been first partially occupied under permit. A professional engineer or architect can be retained to inspect. Please refer to the section above that provides information and requirements, if this option is chosen.

    For select inspection types, platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp are available. Please contact your inspector for more information.

  • Building Inspections associated with Business License applications

    The Building Division is offering inspections associated with Business License applications.  For details, please click here.

  • Inspections for Residential Additions

    Refer to Inspections for Single Detached Dwelling/Row Townhouse ALTERATIONS section.

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