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Building By-law

Repeal of Building By-law B-6
Proposed Building By-law B-7


Important Notice - New Building By-law B-7

The current Building By-law B-6 was enacted by Council in November 2012.  A recent comprehensive review of the current By-law resulted in an opportunity to make revisions that will result in a more efficient service delivery.  New definitions are proposed, new fee categories have been introduced and existing fee categories have been consolidated making the new By-law simpler to administer. A permit fee increase, as a result of a fee analysis, and annual permit fee indexing are also proposed. As a result, the current Building By-law (B-6) will be repealed and replaced by the proposed (B-7) By-law.  The proposed by-law was ‘tabled’ at the April 15, 2019 meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee (PEC). 

A public participation meeting has been scheduled for the June 4th PEC.  Staff will consider comments received at this meeting and will report back to PEC at a later date.

In accordance with Division C- of the Ontario Building Code (O.Reg. 332/12), where the principal authority is proposing changes in permit fees, the authority must:

(a) hold a public meeting as required under subsection 7 (6) of the Building Code Act,
(b) ensure a minimum of 21 days’ notice of the public meeting is given,
(c) ensure that the notice:

(i)  sets out the intention of the principal authority to pass the by-law or resolution or make  a regulation under section 7 of the Act and whether the by-law, resolution or regulation would impose any fee that was not in effect on the day the notice is given or would change any fee that was in force on the day the notice is given,
(ii)  is sent by regular mail to the last address provided by the person or organization that requested the notice, and
(iii)  sets out the information described in paragraph (d) or states that the information will be made available at no cost to any member of the public upon request, and

(d) make the following information available to the public:

(i)  an estimate of the costs of administering and enforcing the Act by the principal authority,
(ii)  the amount of the fee or of the change to the existing fee, and
(iii)  the rationale for imposing or changing the fee.

Information related to the 2018 costs of administering and enforcing the Act may be found on the following Planning and Environment Committee Report:

Information related to the changes in permit fees and the rationale may be found on the following Planning and Environment Committee Report:

Questions related to the above may be addressed to Peter Kokkoros, P.Eng., Deputy Chief Building Official at 519-661-2489 ext. 4558 or by email at