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Heritage Designation Process

The Heritage Designation Process

London has one of the most diverse and extensive inventories of heritage structures in Ontario. London's downtown alone has more than 500 heritage buildings -- many of them original and some are the most architecturally significant examples in the region. The Ontario Heritage Act enables municipalities to designate properties of cultural heritage value or interest.

Designating Individual Properties

There are six key steps to designating an individual property under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. These steps are:

1. Contact a Heritage Planner if the property is a candidate for designation;

2. Heritage Planner researches and evaluates the property;

3. Notice of Intention to Designate is served, with an opportunity for objection;

4. Pass and register the designation bylaw;

5. List the property on the municipal register; and

6. List on the provincial register.

Designating Heritage Conservation Districts

The process for designating a geographical area as a Heritage Conservation District (HCD), differs and requires a number of opportunities for public consultation and engagement.

There are 12 key steps to designating multiple properties under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. These steps are:

1. Contact a Heritage Planner to request designation;

2. Consultation with the London Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH)

3. Official Plan provisions

4. Research and study area and implement Interim Control (if required)

5. Evaluate cultural heritage resources and attributes

6. Delineate boundary of the study area & potential HCD

7.  Public consultation on draft HCD plan

8. Prepare HCD plan and guidelines

9. Pass the designation bylaw & adoption of the HCD plan

10. Register bylaw on title

11.  Notify of passing of bylaw to the Ontario Heritage Trust

12. Propose changes to existing bylaws and Official Plan provisions

13. Implement the HCD plan

For further information, please contact a Heritage Planner at the City of London

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