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The physical remains of the City’s 13,000-year settlement history represent a fragile and non-renewable cultural heritage resource that must be conserved and protected. London’s archaeological record is a valuable cultural heritage resource which can make a real and meaningful contribution to the social and economic fabric of our community. Our stewardship and management of archaeological resources shows our respect for past occupation, settlement, and cultures that have had an influence on our City.

The City of London adopted the Archaeological Master Plan (1996) to guide in the identification, management, and protection of archaeological resources. This has been replaced by the Archaeological Management Plan (2017), which reflects legislative changes and an evolution of best practices in archaeological resource management.

Archaeological Management Plan

The City of London’s Archaeological Management Plan (AMP) consists of mapping that identifies the areas with potential for archaeological resources.

An archaeological assessment may be required for the following application types if any portion of the property is within the City’s AMP (2017) archaeological potential planning layer:

  • Official Plan Amendments (including Secondary Plans/ Secondary Plan Amendments) (as per Planning Act Part III)
  • Zoning By-law Amendments (as per Planning Act Part V)
  • Plans of Subdivision (including Plans of Condominium) (as per Planning Act Part VI)
  • Site Plan (as per Planning Act Part V)
  • Consent applications (where soil disturbance will occur or might be reasonably anticipated) (as per Planning Act Part VI)
  • Minor Variance applications (where soil disturbance will occur or might be reasonably anticipated) (as per Planning Act Part VI)

Only an archaeologist holding a professional license can demonstrate that no archaeological potential survives within an area identified within the archaeological potential planning layer.

For further information, please contact a Heritage Planner at the City of London.

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