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Age and Gender

In 2016, 67% of London’s population was between 15 and 64 years old.  This age bracket is often referred to as working age.  Children under 15 years of age account for 16 % of the population while senior age 65 years and over make up almost 17% of the population. 

London’s population was 48% male and 52% female London’s population is aging. For the last two decades, females outnumbered males in London Ontario.

London’s dependency ratio is 48.6. The ratio of people aged 0-14 and over 65 years that are dependents on the working population (15-64) is 48.6. About half of London’s population were working in 2016 and were supporting the other half who are either children or over age 65.

London’s population average age in 2016 was 40.5 years which is less than Ontario’s and Canada’s population average of 41 years.


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