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Aboriginal People

In 2016, London’s Aboriginal population increased by 42% from 6,845 in 2011 to 9,725 in 2016. London has relatively fewer Aboriginal residents (2.6%) than Ontario where 2.8% of residents identified themselves as Aboriginals. The majority of London’s Aboriginal residents identified themselves as First Nations, followed by Metis, Inuit, and other Aboriginal identities. 48% of London’s Aboriginal residents identified themselves as Registered or Treaty Indians which is higher than Ontario (46%).

The Aboriginal population is younger than the non-Aboriginal population. The average age of the Aboriginal population in London was 30.9 years compared to 40 years for the non-Aboriginal population. In 2016, 130 Londoners listed an Aboriginal

language as their mother tongue; most Aboriginal residents spoke Oneida and Ojibway languages.


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