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free of fear

Free of Fear Services for All

The City of London provides services to residents regardless of their immigration status.

When you apply for, or use City services, City of London employees will not ask about immigration status or personal information unless there is a legislative requirement to do so. In such cases where immigration status must be documented, staff will not disclose your immigration status to the Canadian Border Services Agency or to the police.

In many cases, City services may be accessed with proof of identification only. Proof of identification or residency is not necessarily an official government document. Depending on the service, proof of identification or residency can be as simple as a telephone bill that shows your address.

Review identification requirements for commonly accessed municipal services in London in the 'Related Content" section of this page or call 519 661-2489 to be transferred to the direct service.  You can also e-mail with your question. You do not need to provide any personal information when asking for information.


Free of Fear Services for All Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How will this Free of Fear Services for All policy help our community?

    This policy will encourage all individuals to feel safer and to participate more fully in the community, by using City of London services that are available to them.

  • What are the limitations of this policy?

    This policy applies to those services directly provided by the City of London.

  • Who is a “Non-Status Individual” or an individual with “Uncertain Status”?

    This refers to someone who resides in Canada and whose documents are no longer being accepted, who may have an unknown immigration status, or their current status is not recognized by the state.

  • What is the Non-Disclosure Practice under this policy?

    Under the policy Free of Fear Services for All, City of London staff will only enquire about a person’s immigration status directly or indirectly when legally required to do so. This means that City staff will not report a resident’s immigration status to the Canadian Border Services Agency or to the Police (Campus Community Police Service, London Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, or Royal Canadian Mounted Police) , unless legally required to do so.

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