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Federal Election Issue: Mental Health and Addictions


  • More Londoners are facing the devastating challenges of severe mental illness, homelessness, and addictions.


  • London is committed to a housing-first approach. Once individuals are connected with services, the key to lasting change is providing supports so they can stay housed, address their challenges, and lead productive lives.
  • To address homelessness and addictions, London has implemented coordinated informed response. This program brings together community partners to take a unified approach to connect vulnerable people with supports, and it has begun to make a real difference.
  • Informed response started last year as a pilot program, and was renewed based on the results. During the 12 week informed response pilot program, almost 200 instances of sleeping rough were addressed and 93 people were connected with housing search support and other services.
  • 94% of people who got help from informed response reported living with an addiction, and 92% reported living with mental health challenges.
  • As the largest city in the region, our community has seen a growing number of people from other communities coming to London for supports. This places extra demands on social and health services Londoners rely on.


  • London needs committed federal partners to turn the tide on mental health and addictions. If elected, how would you and your party support our community in facing these challenges?
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