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Water Quality

The City of London receives its treated water from both the Lake Huron Water Supply System (approximately 85% of the daily consumption) and the Elgin Area Water Supply System.

The water treatment of London's two primary water sources fall under the jurisdiction of two Boards: the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System Joint Board of Management and the Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System Joint Board of Management. Water is delivered from Lake Huron to the Arva Pumping Station, where the City of London's water distribution system begins. Similarly, Lake Erie water is also delivered to the Elgin-Middlesex Pumping Station, from which the City of London assumes responsibility. More information about these two systems is available at the website of the Lake Huron and Elgin Area Water Supply Systems.

On an annual basis, the City of London performs over 12,000 water quality tests. London also has 10 locations throughout the city in which continuous online sampling of chlorine residual is monitored. All of these efforts help ensure that the water within the distribution system is always of high quality. In all, the drinking water in London is sampled for 112 different organic, inorganic, microbiological, and chemical parameters. All samples are collected by certified city personnel and submitted to an accredited laboratory for analysis in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.


Door-to-Door Sampling

City of London staff DO NOT conduct door-to-door water sampling for our customers to check the quality of the drinking water, nor do we sell in-home water purification systems. However, the City of London conducts sampling analysis and monitoring of the distribution system that goes beyond the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) regulated requirements, as specified in Ontario Regulation 170/03.

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