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London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

Where do you live?

London is a city of neighbourhoods.  The places we work, raise families and start businesses.

Connected communities of hard-working people, growing families, new arrivals and long-time residents.  Where we greet our neighbours at the market, the rink, the mall, in restaurants and in our parks.  These are the places where we want to live.

Where we live is the focus of the new NeighbourGood program by giving you the opportunity to positively effect your neighbourhood's potential, sustainability and success.  Where your visions and dreams of a great community begin, and where your actions will cement the foundations of a healthy future for generations to come.  Your neighbourhood's success is in your hands.

From Boler Mountain to Fanshawe Lake, from Westminster Ponds to Medway Creek and all of the little gems in between, your neighbourhood is your home.  It's where you live.  It's where we all live.

Visit neighbourgoodlondon.ca or email to get started.

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