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Neighbourhood Event Booking

Neighbourhood Event Booking

The Neighbourhood Event Booking Process is intended to make it easier for neighbourhood groups to organize events in City Parks. 

The City of London supports Neighbourhood Events that serve to build community and promote health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. We do this because we value and appreciate the efforts that neighbourhood volunteers devote to organizing events and strive to reduce the barriers while making sure safety and security measures are effectively practiced. 

Neighbourhood Events are smaller than Special Events and must fit the following criteria:

  • participants made up of neighbours
  • volunteer-run
  • located in your neighbourhood park
  • fewer than 300 people in attendance
  • small budget or low cost
  • not-for-profit and non-fundraising
  • free to attend

Note: This program is for neighbourhood groups and resident-led projects.  If you are a school or business interested in participating in this program, you will have to partner with a neighbourhood or resident-led group.


Booking Process:

  1. Complete the Neighbourhood Event Request Form
  2. If you would like to borrow equipment, visit Equipment Lending Program to see what is available before completing your Neighbourhood Event Request Form. 
  3. Once the Neighbourhood Event Request Form has been completed and sent, you will be contacted by City Staff to confirm availability of the park and suitability of event.
  4. Final follow up with Customer Service staff to finalize the contract.


City of London Certificate of Insurance - if your request is approved a contract will be generated with a condition that this form for $2,000,000 is filled out by your broker (note: only this form will be accepted by the City of London and it must show the same organization/individual name as on the contract).


There are a few different ways you can include food in your neighbourhood event.  This document explains the rules set out by the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

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