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Child Care Subsidy Wait List Information


A.        There are two priorities:

            1)         Under LICO (Low Income Cut Off)

            2)         Over LICO (Low Income Cut Off)

B.        LICO is a measure developed by Statistics Canada that determines at what income level  
            a family will spend a larger share of their income for the necessities of food, shelter and
            clothing for an average family of the same size.

C.        LICO is specific for each community and the income levels are reviewed each year by
            Statistics Canada.  London/Middlesex has its own LICO numbers.

D.        LICO looks at number of people in the family.

1.         For Fee Subsidy purposes, family is defined as:

            i)          All children under the age of 19 years living in the home.  On the 19th birthday, the
                        child is considered an adult.

            ii)         Legally married or common law relationships, including a person(s) with legal custody
                        of a child(ren) or the intention to treat a child(ren) as a child of their own.

These priorities are more inclusive because they take into account family composition.  This approach should help many families with incomes greater than $20,000 access fee subsidy.

2.         Finding out if you are Priority 1 or 2. (Guideline only)

            A)        For the Adults Applying for Subsidy:

                        i)          Add together the Line 236 of the most recent Revenue Canada Notice of
                                    Assessment (NOA) or the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for each adult in
                                    the family.

            B.         Number of People in your Family:




Family Size

Family's Adjusted Annual Income

2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


5 persons


6 persons


7 or more persons




Determine how many people are in your family, then look at the total for the NOA.


  • If your NOA totals are less than the number in the right column, you could be a priority 1.
  • If your NOA totals are more than the number in the right column, you could be a priority 2.



  1. David has three children and is a single parent.  His line 236 on his 2015 NOA states $26,000. There are four people in his family (David plus his three children) and his income is less than $32,236.  David’s children are a priority #1 under LICO) on the Fee Subsidy waiting list.
  2. Pat and Chris have been living together for two years. Chris has a child from a prior relationship and Pat has a child from a prior relationship.  Chris and Pat have a child together.  There are five people in the family.  Since Pat and Chris have a child together, they are considered an intact family with the intention of treating each other’s child and their own as a family.  Pat AND Chris (BOTH) need to submit their Revenue Canada Notice of Assessments.  The total for both of the NOA’s is $38,789 which is over the LICO income of $36,707 for a family of five. Pat and Chris' children are a priority #2 (Over LICO) on the Fee Subsidy waiting list.



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