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Child Care Fee Subsidy

What is the Fee Subsidy Program?

Fee Subsidy is a program that is intended to assist eligible families with the cost of their child care expenses.  It supports eligible families by paying a portion of their total licensed child care costs, as funding permits.

Who Does it Serve?

You may be eligible for child care fee subsidy if you:

  • have one or more children aged 0-12 years of age
  • live in the city of London
  • are currently employed
  • are attending an education institution, training program or course
  • or your child has special needs
  • are ill, experiencing stress, or have a family circumstance
  • have a doctor or another professional recommending licensed child care
  • Please use our Child Care Subsidy Calculator to see what your daily parent fee could be

Everyone’s circumstances will be different.  Applying online is the fastest way to find out if you qualify for fee subsidy.

Please note that:

  • If you are applying on-line, it is your responsibility to submit all required documents to our office as outlined on the application form.  Our office will not contact you for your documents.
  • If you are leaving OW/ODSP, please indicate this on the application form.
  • Therapeutic Referral Forms for child care must be completed and signed by your doctor or other professional.

Supporting documentation can be e-mailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off at the Child Care Fee Subsidy Office.

Find your Community Support Associate.

All forms are available in print versions:

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

Eligibility for fee subsidy is based on the family's income and applicants are required to provide their most recent Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice. The following calculator gives an example of the monthly amount that the family would have to contribute to child care costs. If the actual cost of child care exceeds the parental contribution amount, then the family is eligible for fee subsidy.

Please enter Your family Net income taken from your Child Tax Benefit Form (From the Previous tax year): $  

Based on the information you have provided, your monthly parental contribution towards the cost of a licensed child care will be:

Amount/Day based on:
5 Days:
4 Days:
3 Days:

Eligibility is determined by comparing the Parental Cost vs the Cost of licensed child care which may vary from agency to agency.
For more information and to apply for Child Care Services please call 519-661-4834.

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