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London Animal Care Centre (LACC)

Currently, the City of London contracts London Animal Care Centre (LACC) to provide Animal Care and Control Services.

Location: 121 Pine Valley Blvd. London. N6K 3T6
Phone:    (519) 685-1330
Fax:         (519) 685-6940


Animal Care & Control Services

The Animal Care and Control Program is divided into four main areas with services provided under contract by the London Animal Care Centre (LACC):

  1. Animal Control - a function designed primarily for the protection of residents and visitors to London as well as other animals. Specifically the mandate covers control of: 
  • stray dogs;
  • sick, injured, or dying domestic or wild animals except those animals provided for by the London Humane Society; and
  • confined cats.

The services are delivered seven days a week, with some conditions. Other functions include:

  • all animal related matters affecting public safety;
  • rescue matters where animals are in distress; and
  • 24 hour "Emergency" service.


2.  By-law Enforcement which covers:

  • enforcing three City of London by-laws;

        o PH-3 Animal Control By-law;

        o PH-4 Dog Licensing & Control By-law; and

        o PH-12 Pit bull dog Licensing.

  • issuing Provincial Offences Notice (PONs) as follows:

       o Part I Certificates (can be paid out of court);

       o Part I Summons (requires the recipient to appear in court); and

       o Part III Summons (requires the recipient to appear in court). 

  • issuing Notice of Contravention (NOCs) - typically issued to allow a pet owner time to purchase identification
  • issuing Verbal and Written warnings:

         o PH-3, Animal Control By-law; and

         o PH-4, Dog Licensing & Control By-law.


3.  Dog Licensing and Cat Identification Program which includes:

  • obtaining all necessary particulars before issuing the dog licences and cat identifications;
  • issuing all dog licences and cat identifications; and 
  • receiving and collecting licence and identification fees including the renewal process.


4.  Shelter (Pound) Services for stray animals - the facility, located at 121 Pine Valley Boulevard, is
     designed to receive stray animals primarily from animal control officers, and, to a lesser extent,
     from the general public.

All the above services are delivered under contract to the City by the London Animal Care centre (LACC). In addition, the following services are provided directly by LACC:

  • Pet adoption; and
  • Outreach activities.
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