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Residential Duplex adding a Water Meter

I have a residential duplex that currently has one water meter. I want to split out the water so each rental unit has its own water meter and gets billed by the City directly.  How do I go about getting a second water meter?


The City of London standards allow for one metered water service per single family building.  If the building is converted to a multi-family rental it is permitted for each residential unit to have its own metered water service.  This means that each residential unit will be billed separately, by the City, for water consumed each month.


It is important to understand that each metered water service consists of a water service pipe, an isolation valve and a water meter.  The City must be certain that each customer account is billed for the water they are consumed and that there is no interconnection of water services between the different residential units.


There a several requirements that must be met before a new customer account can be created:


  • The building must be supplied by a water service pipe from the municipal watermain in the street to the property line that is adequately sized for the intended use of the building.  The City of London minimum water service pipe sizing is 25mm PEX.


  • The internal plumbing of the building must be arranged in such a manner that each residential unit must have a separate hot and cold water supply that can be isolated by a main valve and not interfere with the water supply of the other units.


  • The City of London allows one water service pipe from the municipal watermain to the property line with a shut off valve located 300mm from the property line on the City right-of-way.  Once the water service pipe crosses the property line it can be branched off in to two separate water services, one for each new customer.  Each branch is to have a shut off valve located at 300mm from the property line on private property.  A meter pit will have to be installed for each unit which will house the City of London water meter.  From this point the water service pipes will enter the building and be connected to the building plumbing system.


  • All permits, materials and construction are the property owner responsibility.  The City of London will install the water meters in the pits once all work has been inspected and approved.


A licensed plumber can assist you with this work.

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