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Low-Density Multi-Family Per Unit Consumption Rates

Customers that have one water meter and pay water utilities charges for a duplex, triplex, fourplex, fiveplex, or sixplex are eligible to have their volumes divided amongst the number of units prior to having the charges applied. This can be beneficial to the customer if they have installed low-flow toilets and showers, installed aerators in faucets, and provided front loading washing machines for their tenants.

The table below outlines how the charges are applied for each type of building from 2 – 6 units. Customers will pay the fixed charges once per meter (water connection, wastewater connection, stormwater charges, and fire protection charges) plus the volumetric charges at the various volume thresholds outlined below:

Cubic meters Water Rates 2018 Wastewater Rates 2018 Rate Blocks Duplex
0-7 $0 $0 first 7m3 first 7m3
8-15 $2.1850 $1.9420 next 8m3 16m3 (8*2)
16-25 $2.8093 $2.4969 next 10m3 next 20m3
26-35 $3.1216 $2.7744 next 10m3 next 20m3
36-250 $1.1863 $1.0541 next 215m3 next 430m3
251-7000 $1.1238 $0.9987 next 6,750m3 next 13,500m3
7,001-50,000 $1.0240 $0.9100 next 43,000m3 next 86,000m3
over 50,001 $0.9117 $0.8101 balance over 50,000m3 balance over 100,000m3



Cubic meters (m3) Triplex 4 Units 5 Units 6 Units
0-7 first 7m3 first 7m3 first 7m3 first 7m3
8-15 next 24m3(8*3) next 32m3(8*4) next 40 m3 next 48m3
16-25 next 30m3 next 40m3 next 50m3 next 60m3
26-35 next 30 m3 next 40m3 next 50m3 next 60m3
36-250 next 645m3 next 860m3 next 1075m3 next 1290m3
251-7000 next 20,250m3 next 27,000m3 next 33,750m3 next 40,500m3
7,001-50,000 next 129,000m3 next 172,000m3 next 215,000m3 next 258,000m3
50,000+ balance over 150,000m3 balance over 200,000m3 balance over 250,000m3 balance over 300,000m3






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