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  • What is the customer assistance charge?

    Customer Assistance Program

    The City has a 25-cent fixed fee that is applied to each monthly bill for all single family residential water customers in London. These funds are collected over the year and applied to the customer assistance program, if the money from these funds has been used-up at any point in the calendar year, then the program will be suspended until January 1st of the following year when the funds are topped up again.

    The new charge will contribute to a special reserve fund and will be drawn against for:

    1. Helping low-income Londoners deal with crisis situations on their monthly water bills using existing programs managed and delivered through partnerships with London Hydro, the Salvation Army, and the City. An annual fund of $100,000 will be kept and topped up each year to help those in need;
    2.  Helping low-income Londoners make changes to the fixtures in their homes to help lower their monthly water use. On average 40% of home water use is from the toilet; and
    3.  Helping London’s water customers pay for water and sewer charges one time that have occurred as a result of a plumbing failure in their home.

    To be eligible:

    •       The volume must be at least three times the average use
    •       Cannot be as a result of pool or hot tub filling, irrigation, car washing, or other discretionary water uses
    •       There must be proof of a repair
    •       One Time relief of the issue
    •       A single family home paying the customer assistance rate
  • I have many large water meters on my account can I aggregate my accounts?

    Aggregated Water Consumption

    For customers that have multiple meters installed at their facility, of which at least one is a 100mm water meter (or larger), they can request to have their water consumption aggregated before applying the volumetric rates. The meters must be located close to each other and cannot be for two facility properties that are not side by side. The customer is eligible for the program starting in the following billing period after the request is made and accepted by the City.

    The class or type of user is not important, only the size and number of water meters that service the customer along with their proximity to each other. As an example, chain restaurants that have multiple locations would not be eligible for this benefit but a large industrial user with multiple meters at one facility with multiple buildings would.

  • I am a large manufacturer and use more than 15% of my water usage in our products is there a wastewater reduction?

    Metered Effluent Charges

    For industrial customers that use more than 15% of the water measured by the water meter in their product (consumptive use), there is an opportunity to have the wastewater volume metered. The WM 28 bylaw outlines the rules associated with this program.

    The customer is required to divert all flows leaving the site to a single effluent meter. In the rebate program the customer purchases, installs, calibrates, and maintains the effluent meter on their sanitary connection into the City’s sewer. After the City has approved the meter installation, the customer receives a rebate based on the difference between the volume consumed and the volume discharged.

    Customers should review the by-law and contact the City to determine the effluent meter type required to facilitate automatic meter reading. There could be additional electrical, process, or automation work required by the customer to develop the initial set-up which is at no cost to the City.

    Please call 519-661-2500 ext. 5081 if you wish to participate in this program.  Please include your approximate water use, billing number, and expected difference between the measured water use and effluent volume.


  • I have a dedicated irrigation meter on my property can I have my wastewater charges removed?

    For those customers that have installed a dedicated irrigation meter, the wastewater charges will be exempt. Irrigation meter customers will still be required to pay the water connection charges and water usage charges, along with fire protection charges, stormwater charges, and the customer assistance programs charges (if applicable).

    Customers that wish to be part of this program should be aware that there is a cost to have the meter removed at the end of the season, along with a cost to have the meter replaced the following season.  These charges are outlined in the W-8 Water Rates and Charges By-Law.

    Water Rates and Charges By-Law W-8

  • I own a Low-Density Multi-Family Unit how are the water rates charges?

    Customers that have one water meter and pay water utilities charges for a duplex, triplex, fourplex, fiveplex, or sixplex are eligible to have their volumes divided amongst the number of units prior to having the charges applied. This can be beneficial to the customer if they have installed low-flow toilets and showers, installed aerators in faucets, and provided front loading washing machines for their tenants.

    The table below outlines how the charges are applied for each type of building from 2 – 6 units. Customers will pay the fixed charges once per meter (water connection, wastewater connection, stormwater charges, and fire protection charges) plus the volumetric charges at the various volume thresholds outlined below:

    Cubic meters (m3) Triplex 4 Units 5 Units 6 Units
    0-7 first 7m3 first 7m3 first 7m3 first 7m3
    8-15 next 24m3(8*3) next 32m3(8*4) next 40 m3 next 48m3
    16-25 next 30m3 next 40m3 next 50m3 next 60m3
    26-25 next 30 m3 next 40m3 next 50m3 next 60m3
    36-250 next 645m3 next 860m3 next 1075m3 next 1290m3
    251-7000 next 20,250m3 next 27,000m3 next 33,750m3 next 40,500m3
    7,001-50,000 next 129,000m3 next 172,000m3 next 215,000m3 next 258,000m3
    50,000+ over 150,000m3 over 200,000m3 balance over 250,000m3 balance over 300,000m3