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Water System

Lake Erie and Lake Huron

London is situated between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. These two fresh water lakes are the source of London's supply of clean water. We are the beneficiaries of an abundant source of fresh water and an efficient delivery and treatment system. London's water system is a natural icon and a source of life.

Our water comes to us through a network of treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations and pipes - 1,550 km of pipes - that was initially constructed in the 1870's. Since then it has been maintained and improved and serves us now well into the future, if we are prepared to do our part. It is our responsibility to make sure it is kept up.

Operating and maintaining our water system - ensuring that the quality of our water meets all regulated standards, planning for the future renewal of the treatment/storage/delivery network and safeguarding our water supply - comes at a cost; the price we pay for our water should allow the water system to operate efficiently and be maintained on a cost recovery basis.


Our Mission:

To provide valued water service to our customers, through the delivery of safe, clean, high quality drinking water of sufficient flow and pressure to enhance the quality of life and support economic development for the residents and businesses of London.


Some quick facts:

There are over 1,550km of watermain pipe under the streets of London.

The City of London has been fully metered since 1925 and currently there are over 110,000 water meters installed throughout the City.

There are over 8,500 fire hydrants helping to protect your home and business from a fire.

Over 10,000 water quality tests are conducted annually to ensure its quality and taste.

Water pressure is boosted in 5 different areas of the City, but 80% of the City is fed by gravity.

Along with water supply from 2 Great Lakes, London has 2 back-up well systems in the north east and west parts of the City.

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