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Stormwater Management Facility Safety

Prior to 1994, the City of London had fenced virtually all constructed stormwater detention or retention facilities within its urban areas, especially near residential developments. Fencing, deemed an unsightly and unnecessary requirement, has been abandoned by the City of London, following the combined efforts of staff from Environmental Services, Planning, Parks, Legal and Insurance Risk Administration.

The SWM facility requirements were developed in a comprehensive manner by reviewing the SWM practices in other Ontario municipalities, including Cambridge, Oakville, Markham, Ottawa, Waterloo, Scarborough, Mississauga, Kitchener, Guelph and past applications in the City of London.

Where stormwater management ponds are to be implemented, they shall incorporate a water resources management approach, be consistent with the ecosystem and shall be created in a manner that is technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, ecologically diverse and where passive and active pursuits may be realized in a generally safe environment. Creatively designed and developed, these ponds will comply with and satisfy the required stormwater management functions while providing a significant asset to the open space system within the community.

Even though these facilities add aesthetically pleasing elements to a community, all warning signs must be respected and obeyed for the public's safety. 

Stormwater Managment Pond Safety