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Building Stormwater Infrastructure

The City of London’s Stormwater Engineering Division is committed to ensuring the safe and  environmentally sustainable drainage of stormwater. The Stormwater Engineering is responsible for ensuring that future developments and existing infrastructure adequately conveys storm runoff; protecting homes, businesses, and the natural environment. One of the major service this division provides is the oversight of the designs and construction for all stormwater management ponds. These ponds are constructed to provide stormwater servicing to new development. The process of designing and constructing a pond is complex and involves many stakeholders including the public, Council, developers, the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and other regulators. As this process is complex the City in coordination with development stakeholders have developed a  comprehensive Stormwater Management Facility Design and Construction Process Schematic based on the principles of “Just in time” delivery.

Just in time Process-Figure 4-SWM Design and Construction Process Schematic-Nov 2014

Just in time Process-Figure 5-SWM Design and Construction Process with Discussion-Nov 2014

In order to ensure that all parties are aware of the status of the construction of a stormwater servicing project a web based tool has been created so that the public and developers and consultants can be up to date on the status of ongoing stormwater servicing projects. The information provided in this tool is updated on a continuous basis.


Link to the Status of Ongoing Stormwater Servicing Projects (must be opened using Google Chrome)


This tool provides information on the construction status of a pond and the contact information for the project coordinator. Feel free to contact the project coordinator regarding any information provided by the web-tool.