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Rainwater entering rain garden

Low Impact Development (LID)

The City promotes and encourages Low Impact Development (LID) or Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the design and construction of stormwater management systems both for new development and in municipal infrastructure projects.  LID practices incorporate “green infrastructure” such as infiltration basins, green roofs, bioretention swales, engineered wetlands, and rain gardens to support the functions of traditional “grey infrastructure” such as storm sewer pipes and outfalls.  

In stormwater management, LID systems generally increase infiltration of rainwater runoff to minimize the overland flow volumes, recharge groundwater systems, and improve the water quality before it reaches a SWM facility or open watercourse. Implementation of LIDs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis since the selected practice will depend on geotechnical and other site specific conditions.   As of 2016 the City has been incorporating LIDs into design and construction projects  which will increase in future to optimize the water resources system as well as to increase the resiliency of infrastructure to climate change.

To learn more about leading Stormwater Management LIDs in Ontario, please see the resources of the Credit Valley Conservation Authority or the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Stormwater Management Planning and Design Manual.


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