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Beaver Protocol and Pilot Projects

The City London Strategic Plan stresses the importance of a caring and compassionate public services. Referenced in the plan is the Humane Wildlife Conflict Policy which is the corner stone for the compassionate care of wildlife in our community.

Council has adopted a Beaver Protocol to successfully implement the City’s Humane Urban Wildlife Conflict Policy. It was considered critical that the protocol ensure that beavers are treated in a respectful and consistent manner, balancing the various needs to protect the beaver and their habitat; the overall environment; City infrastructure; people and property. The protocol attempts to balance various competing priorities which include:

  • Protecting beavers in their natural habitat;
  • Promote the creation of new wetland environments;
  • Protecting the existing environment; including trees and species at risk;
  • Protecting critical City infrastructure;
  • Protecting people and property from flooding; and
  • Maintaining the use of the City’s pathway and trail system.

The year 2015 is considered a learning year with a number of beaver protocol pilot projects located in various areas throughout London.  Construction and day-to-day operation and maintenance of the structures will be performed by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Information on these projects will be documented on this web page as they proceed.

Beaver Protocol Pilot Project No.1 - Hyde Park Stormwater Pond

Beaver Protocol Pilot Project No.2 - Powel Drain Wooded Area Tree Wrapping

Beaver Protocol Pilot Project No.3 - Duncairn Pond Tree Wrapping

Beaver Protocol Pilot Project No.4 - Stoney Creek Walking Trail

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