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Sherwood Forest Weeping Tile Disconnect Project

First of its Kind…

The City undertook the Sherwood Forest Weeping Tile Disconnect Project – a pilot program designed to reduce the risk of basement flooding by disconnecting foundation drains from the sanitary sewer system and installing backwater valves for homes on Blanchard Crescent.  This pilot project was fully funded by the City, and was completed at the end of 2013.

Thought to be the first of its kind for a municipality, this project has attracted the attention of insurance companies and other municipalities alike.  It is expected the outcome will greatly benefit ratepayers in the immediate and expanded areas by redirecting groundwater away from the sanitary sewer system.  This will reduce the likelihood of sewer overloading and reduce the sanitary sewage treatment costs.  Success realized as part of this pilot project may lead to future, similar projects.

Backwater valveWeeping tile (foundation drain) being installed along a house foundation.










Backwater Valve                                                                       Weeping tile (foundation drain)


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