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Fish catch basin that represents the water discharging directly into the Thames River.

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Information on best practices for our homes is in the brochures and videos below.

Wastewater Utilities Support Wipes Legislation

Wastewater Utilities Support Wipes LegislationWet wipes have been documented to cause  or contribute to blockages resulting in sewerbackups and overflows; and costly damage to pumps and wastewater treatment equipment.


Toilets are not garbage cansToilets are Not Garbage Cans

Flushing the wrong things down your toilet can block sewer pipes.  It’s also extremely important to keep medicines and household wastes out of the toilet.






Storm sewers are not garbage cansStorm Sewers

Only rain down the drain

Storm water drains directly into the nearest creek, river or lake.

This water is NOT treated!





Sinks are not garbage cansSinks are Not Garbage Cans

Sewer pipes blocked by grease are an increasingly common cause of sewage back-ups in homes as well as causing raw sewage discharges to our environment!






Drain your pool the right wayPools, Spas and Hot Tubs

Drain your pool the right way

The chemicals you put down the storm drain go directly into our rivers and creeks!





Car Washes - Why rain should only go down the drainCar Wash

Why only rain should go down the drain

When you wash your car on your driveway or the street,
the soapy, dirty water runs into our creeks and river!





Why you not use a food waste grinderFood Waste Grinders

Why you should not use a food grinder

Added organic waste to our sewer system means added loads to treat at waste facilities. This directly increases operating costs and in the end increases your costs!




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