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Dry clean up of oil spill

Best Practices for Businesses

The conditions for discharging to the sanitary and storm sewer systems are found in the City's Waste Discharge By-law.





Restaurant dishwashing going to grease trap

Restaurant Grease

Why you should dispose of grease properly for the food preparation business includes best practices.

Cleaning food wastes and oil out of grease interceptors is required on a regular basis.  The cleanout record sheet should be placed near the grease interceptor.

Grease Removal Devices need to be maintained daily.  The Grease Removal Device clean out record sheet needs to be filled in daily.



Outdoor Festivals Food Vendors best practicesOutdoor Festivals Food Vendors

Best practices for proper disposal of liquid wastes.






Best Practices for drainage, sediment and erosion control during constructionConstruction Site Management

Best practices for Drainage, Sediment and Erosion control during construction.





Best Practices for proper waste disposal for dental officesBest Practices in Dental Offices

Proper waste disposal






Best Practices for Automotive Service FacilitiesBest Practices for Automotive Service Facilities

Best practices can be adopted to prevent motor oil, solvents, gasoline etc. from entering the sewer system

Cleaning of interceptors is required on a regular basis.  The Oil /Grit cleanout record sheet should be kept in the reception area on the wall for easy inspection.




Storm water Oil and grit SeparatorsStorm water Oil and Grit Separators

Best practices for business and multi-residential property owners





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