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What Do I Do About A Blocked PDC?

If your PDC is blocked, you should contact a plumber or drainage contractor to figure out the source of the problem.  Many plumbers and drainage contractors have video inspection equipment that can be used to identify problems within the PDC.  In addition, contact the City at 519-661-4570 (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm) or 519-661-4965 (after hours).  The City will send staff out to the property to determine if the City sewer under the road is functioning properly or not, at no cost to the property owner.  Note that the City of London does not share basement flooding information with any external parties.

If it is determined that there is an obstruction within the PDC, contact Ontario One Call 1-877-969-0999.  On rare occasions another utility, such as hydro, phone, or natural gas, may have inadvertently installed their infrastructure through the PDC making it difficult, if not impossible to allow flows to exit freely through the PDC.  By calling Ontario One Call a FREE inspection will be scheduled to determine if cross boring has occurred. 

Ontario One Call

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