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What Is A PDC?

A Private Drain Connection (PDC) is the portion of sewer pipe from your property line to the City’s sewer main.  The PDC is typically located beneath your front lawn and into the roadway.

Who is Responsible for the PDC?

PDC LayoutTwo different terms are used to describe portions of the pipe from the house to the City sewer main.  The portion of the pipe on private property is called the building sewer.  The portion within the City right of way (from property line to the City sewer main) is called the PDC.  The property owner is financially responsible for the Private Drain Connection (PDC) from the entire length of this pipe; however, City staff must undertake the repair work for the PDC portion within the right-of-way limits (from property line to the City sewer main).  The maintenance, repair and replacement of the building sewer on private property limits can be done by any qualified contractor the property owner chooses, and in accordance with the appropriate permits. 

The homeowner is responsible for the entire sewer pipe from the property line to the City’s sewer main, since this pipe is for private use and the homeowner (and not the City) controls what is discharged to this sewer pipe from their property.  Please refer to the City of London Drainage By-law for more information. 

The City is responsible for the municipal sewer main within the roadway that runs in front of your property, usually under the driven portion of the road. 

What is a Cleanout and Where Do I Find It?Clean out in a basement

A cleanout is a direct access point to the building sewer and/or the PDC.  If there is a blockage along your pipe from the house to the road, the cleanout is a point of entry to try and free the blockage without digging up your front lawn.  Cleanouts in homes constructed within the last 45 years are usually located near the front of the house, under the basement floor, where the pipe exits the house (see image on the right).  The cleanout can also be located outside the home and may be buried. If a cleanout exists, information may be available on its location and size.

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