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PDC Subsidy Program

If it is determined that a home owner needs their PDC replaced or repaired within the City right-of-way, contact the City to fill out the proper paperwork and set up a payment plan.  The current cost to the property owner is $5,000.  The City will come out to your house and replace or line the PDC from the sewer main to the property line.

What Will the City Do?

As soon as payment is received, City Sewer Operations will:

  • Determine if a clean-out (inspection point) needs to be installed at the property line
  • Inspect the PDC with a sewer camera
  • Clean the PDC, if necessary
  • Determine the method of repair or replacement
  • Either open-cut replace, pipe-burst replace, or line the PDC
  • Restore to preconstruction condition

Payment and Application

Contact the City at 519-661-4570 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).  Details can be provided over the phone, sent by fax or sent electronically.

Original documentation must be signed and delivered to:

London City Hall

300 Dufferin Ave

PO Box 5035

London, ON

N6A 4L9

7th Floor - Development and Compliance Services Division


When the City replaces the PDC it is guaranteed for 20 years against failures due to faulty workmanship or materials.  If a failure occurs within the 20 year period, the owner must demonstrate through rodding/video that the failure is in the City portion of the PDC.  The City will repair or replace the PDC as appropriate and reimburse the owner for the cost of the rodding/videoing.

PDC Replacement During A City Construction Project

If the City has planned a construction project on your street, you may be eligible for a reduced cost to replace your PDC at the time of construction. The City recognizes that it is less expensive to replace PDCs when a street is under construction. Please note that if the City is working only on surface works (i.e. paving), PDCs are not replaced. For this case a PDC replacement cost of $5,000 is still in place.
Information is provided to the home owners prior to the start of a construction project.  An agreement will be made with each homeowner who wishes to participate. Terms are discussed in the agreement, noting there is an option to pay in cash or added to the tax roll over a ten year period.


New PDC installation or replacement (storm or sanitary)

  • In conjunction with a City construction project that involves construction of the storm or sanitary sewer main
New PDC installation or replacement (storm or sanitary)
  • In conjunction with a City construction project that does not involve construction of the storm or sanitary sewer main
Repair or replace the existing PDC (storm or sanitary)
  • No City construction project at that location


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