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Basement Flooding Prevention

Basement flooding is a serious problem that affects residents in many municipalities, including the City of London.  Basement flooding generally occurs during snow melts and heavy rainfalls which can cause serious damage and inconvenience.

There are many different sources of basement flooding.  Cracks in the foundation, plugged toilets and blocked sewer drains are the most common reasons homes flood.

Properly taking care of your home and yard are crucial to flooding prevention.

  • Throughout the year take a look around your property to make sure the ground is sloping away from your house and downspouts are extended four to six feet away from the house.
  • Inspect your basement walls and floor for cracks.
  • Keep your drains unobstructed – do not pour grease down the drain or flush objects down the toilet.
  • Consider landscaping that allows storm water to soak into the ground.

Do You Have a Sewer Gas Smell in Your Home?

  • Keep the sewer service clean-out cap in place.  The clean out is usually located downstream from the floor drain.
  • Pour water down the floor drain to fill up the P-trap.
  • Make sure all fixtures (laundry tubs, sinks, etc) have a P-trap.

Report Basement Flooding

If you are experiencing basement flooding contact the City at 519-661-4570 Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.  After hours, weekends, holidays contact 519-661-4965.  Someone from the City will respond with a site visit to determine the source of the flooding.

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