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Tree Roots in PDC

An example of tree roots growing into a private drain connection.A common cause of basement flooding is the pipe connecting your home to the sanitary sewer on the street, known as your private drain connection (PDC)/building sewer, can become blocked and/or clogged. This blockage is usually caused by:

  • Tree roots growing into the pipe and/or
  • Too much FOG build-up in the pipe

Tree roots grow into pipes because they like the moisture found in the pipe.  They find their way in through cracks and joints.  If this happens, a blockage could occur causing water in this pipe to back up into your basement.  This water could be clear, dirty or smelly.


An example of an unobstructed private drain connection.Useful Tips

If you have a large tree fronting your property, it could be the reason for your basement flooding.  You should have your pipes videotaped by professionals to see if that is what is causing the problem.


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