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FOG - Fats, Oils and Grease

Container of solidified grease.Did you know that what you put down your drain could cause your basement to flood?  When you put food scraps, dirt, fat or grease down your drain it may cause a blockage in your plumbing.  Over time, fat, oils and grease (FOG), along with debris, can slowly build up and clog your plumbing and sewers.  When the sewer line is blocked there is no place for the wastewater from your home to go.

Think of the amount of water that is used when you do a load of laundry, have a bath or flush the toilet.  That wastewater needs to go somewhere and if your sewer line is blocked it has nowhere to go.  The wastewater could come back into the house, through floor drains and other plumbing openings, if a blockage occurs.

An example of grease build up in a sewer pipeUseful Tips

When you are finished with an item like a margarine or peanut butter container, instead of rinsing out the extra margarine in the sink and allowing it to go down your drain, wipe the container out with a paper towel to remove any excess margarine prior to recycling the container.  By removing the majority of the margarine and disposing of the dirty paper towel in the garbage, you reduce the chances of the margarine building up in the pipes and/or sewer line and causing the plumbing to be blocked.

Your sink is not a garbage disposal.  Food scraps should be disposed of in the garbage can, not your kitchen sink.  The scraps can get stuck in the plumbing stopping other particles from making their way along the sewer line.  As more and more debris gets stuck in the pipe, a blockage can form.

It's Your Turn

The City is has a pilot project where home owners use FOG containers to dispose of their FOG.  FOG containers are available from the City of London EnviroDepots and London Public Library locations.  When the container is full it can be delivered to the EnviroDepots or the Depot at the W12A Landfill Site free of charge. 

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