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railway crossing on Clarke Road north of Dundas

Railway Safety





Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings!

  2. Don’t walk, run or drive vehicles on tracks including through tunnels & on bridges

  3. Railway right-of-ways are private property. Trespassing on railway lands is the leading cause of fatalities.

  4. Only cross at designated pedestrian/railway crossings

  5. Obey all warning signs and signals

  6. Do not attempt to board a train whilst it is moving – it could result in serious injury/death

  7. Always be aware that a train could be coming.  Remember that trains do not follow set schedules

  8. Stopped trains can start moving at any time.  Stay away!

  9. Do not put garbage/objects on tracks – it could become airborne or even cause the train to derail

  10. Stay clear from the edge of the platform when waiting for a passenger train to arrive

  11. Beware of the second train. Always expect another train when at multiple railway track crossings.

  12. The approaching speed of a train can be difficult to judge and trains coming from one direction may travel faster than from the opposite direction.

Warning sign for two trains










Safety Tips for Drivers:

  1. Don’t drive around gates

  2. Don’t attempt to beat a train to the crossing

  3. Do not stop on tracks – only cross if the other side is clear

  4. If you stall your car on the tracks, leave the car and call 911

  5. Even if the train engineer can see you, he/she probably will not be able to stop in time

  6. Trains are closer and faster moving than the eye can perceive.  Beware.

  7. Don't idle while waiting for a train to pass.



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