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Highway 4 Route Sign

Highway 4 Re-route

Re-Route of Highway 4 through London

The City of London and the Province through the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) have come to an agreement to re-sign and re-route Highway 4 through London.  In late 2017, signage along the former route was removed, while signage along the new route will be installed within the first few months of 2018, subject to weather and staffing availability.  New signage has been provided by the MTO, and the City and MTO will be both responsible for installing the necessary signage dependant on the area of jurisdiction.

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  • What is the new route through London?

    The new route connects the existing provincially-maintained legs of Highway 4 to the north and south of the city via Richmond Street, Sunningdale Road, and Wonderland Road, as well as a short overlap with Highway 401 between the Colonel Talbot Road and Wonderland Road interchanges.  Refer to the attached PDF for a map overview showing the former and new route of Highway 4.

  • What was the rationale for this work?

    The signed route for Highway 4 through London has remained largely unchanged since 1920.  As the city has grown it no longer functions as a practical routing for provincial traffic. The new route will provide a more direct through route connecting the north and south legs of Highway 4, and as well as providing a more practical connection between the Highway 401 and 402 corridors and areas north of the city.

  • Why is this work being done?

    Existing signage along provincial highways in the London area was scheduled to be updated due to the existing signs being damaged, faded, or out of date. Meanwhile, the City of London had noted that the signs along the old Highway 4 route through the city were in need of updating as well. Staff from both organizations realized this was an opportunity to work together to correct these deficiencies as part of regular signage updates.

  • How was the preferred route determined?

    City of London staff identified the route along city streets between the provincially owned legs of the highway, Richmond Street at the northern city limit to Highway 401 in the south. Consideration was given to traffic volumes, current and future roadway cross section, and the roads ability to handle commercial traffic.

  • Why was Sunningdale Road chosen instead of Fanshawe Park Road (former Highway 22)?

    Currently both travel times and traffic volumes are considerably less on Sunningdale Road compared to Fanshawe Park Road between Wonderland Road and Richmond Street.  The roads share an identical classification (arterial) and are both 24-hour truck routes.  Improvements to expand this part of Sunningdale Road from 2 to 4 lanes is scheduled to occur in 2020.

  • Is the ownership of any road changing hands?

    No, all sections of road from Highway 401 to the northern city limit will continue to be owned and maintained by the City of London. Street naming and addresses will be unchanged. Highway 401, Highway 402, and Highway 4 (Colonel Talbot Road) south of Highway 401 will continue to be owned and maintained by the provincial Ministry of Transportation. This is strictly an agreement regarding guide/wayfinding signage between the City and MTO.

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