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Western / Wharncliffe Road Widening

Construction on Western / Wharncliffe Road

Much of the area surrounding the Western University Campus is under construction for the 2018 Western / Wharncliffe Road widening project. This work spans from Platt’s Lane to Wharncliffe Road North and is expected to be completed by fall/winter 2018.  

The infrastructure renewal work underway will provide the following benefits:  

  • Improved accessibility to meet AODA standards
  • Additional crosswalks and sidewalks to improve pedestrian movement
  • Widening of the road to increase traffic capacity and improve LTC service
  • Additional bus bays to increase rider safety
  • Modernized and reliable infrastructure to enable the area for growth

What to Expect During Construction

Construction work typically takes place from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. It is anticipated that crews may have work over the weekends in order to expedite the construction schedule. You may also notice more orange snow fencing being installed to separate students from the construction site. Please do not remove or relocate the orange fencing, it is there for your safety.

Safe Pedestrian Crossings

There are limited opportunities to cross Western Road during construction. Please use one of the designated pedestrian crossing locations noted below and remember to follow crossing signals and always be mindful of traffic.

Oxford Street

Platt’s Lane

Beaufort Street

oxford street pedestrian crossing


The picture above shows an example of a safe pedestrian crossing at Oxford and Wharncliffe.

Bus Stop Locations  

There are no bus stops located within the construction zone currently. Please visit the LTC’s website to learn about service changes and detours in the area. Any new bus stop locations added as construction progresses will be posted on this website.

How to Stay Informed

The City of London is committed to keeping you connected and informed during construction. Crosswalk, sidewalk and road disruption information will be posted online and on our social channels. To stay in the loop, we recommend the following:

  • Bookmark this website to get access to Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Use Renew London to lookup roadwork and plan your route 
  • Follow the City of London, Ontario on Twitter and Facebook
  • Read the orange signs posted onsite for daily route changes

Tips to safely navigate construction

Heading back to school? Before you set your alarms, consider the impacts construction will have on your commute. Below are some tips to help you safely navigate construction:

For All Road Users:

  • Give yourself more time: Construction and congestion means it’s going to take longer to get to class. Leave a little earlier.

For Pedestrians:

  • Use designated crossings: Jaywalking may be tempting, especially when the road seems clear. Near a job site, however, visibility is limited and machinery is always on the move. Play it safe and use the nearest designated crossing. Safe pedestrian crosswalks are located at Oxford Street, Beaufort Street, and Platt’s Lane. There may be brief interruptions to specific crosswalks in order to facilitate our work so please pay attention to on site signage for any temporary closures.
  • Make eye contact with the crew before crossing: The best way to make a driver or crew member to acknowledge your presence is through eye contact. A quick glance ensures they see you and respect your right-of-way.
  • Be alert: Put your phone away and keep your head up. Similar to driving, you need to be aware of your surroundings when walking near construction zones. Look out for orange fencing, traffic cones or machinery that may have been put in place since you were last in that area. This project involves deep excavations so it is important that you remain outside of the construction zone.

For Drivers:

  • Slow down: Your route may be busier than usual during construction, so go a little slower and keep an eye out for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and buses during your travels.
  • Be patient: With frequent road and sidewalk changes, pedestrians may need more time to cross the road.

For Cyclists:

  • Stay off sidewalks: Never cycle on the sidewalk, especially within a construction zone. Dismount to ensure the safety of all.

For Transit Users:

  • Stay informed: Look up service changes and detours by visiting or following the London Transit Commission (LTC) on twitter at @LTCLdnOnt.

Questions of Concerns?

City staff are here for you during construction. If you have a question or comment related to the Western / Wharnclife Road widening project, please contact the City Project Manager. We can also help address: 

  • Access issues
  • Safety concerns
  • Accommodation requests
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