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Devonshire Phase 1 & 2 Reconstruction

The City of London will be reconstructing the Devonshire Avenue area to improve the quality and reliability of your water, sewer, and road infrastructure. This is a multi-phase project with Phase 1 Devonshire Avenue (Edward Street to Cathcart Street), Devonshire Place and Cathcart Street in 2019 and Phase 2 Devonshire Avenue (Cathcart Street to Wortley Street) and Murray Street planned for 2019 construction.  The information below outlines the project and some optional programs available to upgrade your private services.

Project Location

Map of Devonshire Ave Phase 1 and 2 reconstruction limits.

Scope of Project

  1. Watermain and water services;
  2. Sanitary sewers and private drain connections (where requested);
  3. Storm sewers and private drain connections (where requested);
  4. Road reconstruction including new curbs, gutter and sidewalk;
  5. Convert the road access from Dunkirk Place to Wortley Road to a pedestrian only access.

Home Owner Correspondence

Notice of Project - Phase 1 & 2

Notice of Project - August 30, 2018

Pre-construction Survey

Project Construction Information - Phase 1

Pre-construction Notice

Project Update Meeting - Display Boards

Project Update Meeting - Handout

Construction Notice

Pre-Construction Notice - Phase 2

Pre-Construction Notice - November 20, 2019 (3 pages)

Project Update Meeting

A Project Update Meeting (PUM) was held on December 4, 2019

PUM Display Boards

Surface Features Plan (1 page)

Plan & Profile Drawings (2 pages)

Typical Cross-Sections (3 pages)

Fact Sheet (2 pages)

Construction Information

Construction Notice - Phase 2

Construction Notice - May 4, 2020 (5 pages)

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