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Transportation Study Guidelines

 Access Management Guidelines
The purpose of the Access Management Guideline (AMG) is to provide a framework for access control that will maintain a high level of service for through-traffic, while providing reasonable access to abutting properties. The overall goals of the guideline are to reduce collisions, alleviate traffic congestion, reduce energy consumption, preserve the long term integrity of the traffic movement function, protect pedestrians and promote an aesthetically pleasing arterial corridor.


TIATransportation Impact Assessment Guidelines

The goal of a Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) is to identify how multiple modes of transportation (automobiles, public transit, walking, cycling, etc.) will work together in a proposed development and identifies what infrastructure (turn lanes, transit, traffic signals, etc.) is required to support the development. The TIA should demonstrate that the transportation impacts of a proposed development or redevelopment will be manageable and that the transportation aspects of the proposal are consistent with the objectives and policies of the City of London.
The TIA evaluates the current road network and traffic patterns in the area and addresses what impact the new development will have on the roads and traffic patterns. It should include the classification of both external and internal roads while identifying required changes to existing infrastructure (road widening, traffic signals, pedestrian routes, etc.) as a result of the additional vehicle, cycling, transit and pedestrian trips generated by the new development.

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