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Smart Moves 2030 Transportation Plan


The Transportation Planning group within the Transportation Planning & Design Division of the Engineering and Environmental Services Department is responsible for planning the City's transportation system.

Smart Moves - the London 2030 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) study is the guiding document  used to determine our transportation needs today and in the future. This exciting new initiative has reviewed every form of transportation we currently have, determined what's good and what could be improved, and explored more sustainable types of transportation. These include improved transit through the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors and increased emphasis on nonautomobile travel like walking and cycling. The City of London and our consulting team from AECOM developed this study which resulted in the London 2030 Transportation Master Plan or as we like to call it Smart Moves. The recommendations in Smart Moves will be used to develop London's future transportation systems. To see all the exciting changes and to view the final report click on Smart Moves - the London 2030 Transportation Master Plan.


Travel Survey

As part of the Smart Moves initiative a household travel survey was conducted. Approximately 16,000 households in London (including 1,700 outside the city limits) were contacted by telephone. An on-line survey was available during the same period as the telephone survey. More than 600 London residents completed the on-line survey.

What was done?

Residents were asked a number of questions about their travel activities for the previous day, as well as information on their personal demographics, and their attitudes towards transportation issues in the City.  Participants were asked where they and others in their household travelled to in the course of the previous day, when they went, and how they got there.

Why the Survey?

The survey results were used to determine the City's transportation needs. City staff used the results to form a solid base of information describing who is travelling, where they are going, by what routes, what modes are being used and how changes in our system might affect their choices in the future. Whether you're a pedestrian, a cyclist, a transit user or a driver, your participation was essential to improving our City's roads, bridges, transit systems and pathways. The survey results were also used to estimate how much future traffic will be generated and what road or other transportation routes have to be improved.

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