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Parking Strategy

Parking Strategy for Downtown London

The main intent of the study is to develop an effective parking strategy for Downtown London to support businesses and development in the short term, while managing parking supply and demand in the longer term, mainly to support the City’s urban design, economic, land use, and transportation objectives. Areas of special interest that will be incorporated in the study will include the following:


  • How much parking is necessary for the functional and financial viability of downtown development programs and downtown’s success as the region’s transit hub.
  • How the ‘right’ amount and type of parking is provided, noting the proliferation of above ground parking podiums in tall buildings can deaden the street frontages they abut.
  • Municipal parking decisions and funding allocations can support the success of public transit as the preferred mode of commuter transport to the downtown.
  • Parking management including a review and recommendations regarding parking pricing with consideration of private and public facilities.


A Downtown London Parking Utilization Study was completed in early 2015 however, a long term strategy that links the planning and development objectives was not part of the study. The Parking Strategy will be more comprehensive and will tie the Rapid Transit initiative, the Transportation Master Plan and the London Downtown Plan objectives together.

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