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image of inline skater on Thames Valley Parkway

Transportation Choices

  • Bike and Walk Map

    Here you will find all of London's walking and cycling routes.

  • Bicycle-Wheel
    Bike Equipment

    The equipment you require by law on your bicycle and other equipment you might like.

  • Bike Lane Sign
    Bike Lanes FAQ

    Bike lanes facilitate cycling through busy areas like downtown and help make cyclists feel safer and more comfortable riding on the road.

  • Carpooling

    Resources available to help you carpool.

  • Communiyt CarShare

    Learn about the Carsharing options in London here.

  • mult-use pathway
    Pathway Use

    Pathways criss-cross the entire city and connect all neighbourhoods through parks and along the Thames River.

  • photo of Bike Box
    What is a Bike Box

    Here you will find a brief description of the bike box, as well as the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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