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Regional Rideshare (formerly London Carpools) is a free service that matches potential carpoolers. It is available to all Londoners and anyone who regularly commutes to and from London from surrounding communities.  Sign up today!

Benefits of carpooling:

  • save money on gas, parking, repairs, and other car-related costs
  • socialize, read, or even sleep
  • contribute to air emission and other pollution reductions
  • have driving choices: those who prefer to drive can and those who prefer not to drive can be passengers
  • spend less time commuting and contributing to traffic congestion (as fewer cars are on the road)
  • catch up with friends as you go to and from work

Who should carpool?

Everyone! Carpooling is easy and just requires a little advanced planning.

Carpooling is a great choice for getting to and from work or school, especially for those who do not need their car everyday and have a consistent work schedule. You can carpool every day or just a few days a week. Even one day a week means a 20 per cent reduction in weekly wear and tear on your vehicle.

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