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Bike Rules of the Road


What Are My Rights and Responsibilities on the Road?

As a cyclist, you have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers. It is your responsibility to cycle in a safe manner and to follow the rules of the road.

  • Ride straight - do not weave around parked vehicles or into crosswalks at intersections. Use hand signals and look for clues from other drivers - make eye contact.
  • Ride defensively - think and look well ahead. Ride a door's width from parked vehicles to avoid being hit by a door suddenly opening (the dreaded "door prize").
  • Legally, cyclists are allowed to ride on any part of the roadway. If the lane is too narrow to share with motorized traffic, ride in the centre of the lane. Allow room to get around hazards or to move aside if you are passed too closely. Try to keep at least one metre of space open on both your right and your left.
  • If you are an adult, stay off sidewalks.  It is only legal for children under the age of 14 to ride on sidewalks in London (London Streets By-law).
  • Shoulder check, signal and change lanes or move toward the centre of the roadway before turning left.
  • Always pass a right-turning vehicle on the left. Pass buses and trucks driving in the curb lane only on their left.
  • See and be seen - position yourself where drivers can see you and where you can see what's happening around you. Ride with traffic on the right-hand side of the road. Avoid riding in vehicle blind spots, wear bright or reflective clothing, and use lights at night.

Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and walk your bike when crossing at a crosswalk.

Call 519-661-4570 to report any dangerous debris or obstructions on pathways and roadways.

Check out the Ministry of Transportation’s Cycling Skills Guide on the right for more information on tips and techniques for safe riding.