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Driver checking cell phone and drinking while driving.

Road Safety Strategy: Distracted and Aggressive Driving

Are You Driving Aggressive or Distracted?

In the city of London driving behaviour that can be called aggressive or distracted driving such as: following too close, failing to yield, disobeying traffic signal and speeding are one of the primary causes of collisions.

Do Your Part

Almost 200 severe collisions a year could be prevented or made less severe if drivers can be convinced to pay better attention to the driving task.

Safety Tips

Do not be distracted

  • Just drive. Multi-tasking while driving is dangerous.
  • Remember that your phone it is not the only potential source of distraction while driving.
  • Plan ahead. Make any necessary arrangements before start driving.

Do not be aggressive

  • Be cool. Do not lose your calm while driving.
  • Be wise. Do not retaliate or compete with other drivers.
  • Be polite. Forgive other driver’s mistakes and do not take them personally.
  • Be alert. Keep a sharp eye for “aggressive” drivers.
  • Just be late. Plan your trip in accordance with expected traffic conditions.

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