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Street Sweeping

The 2018 Residential Street Sweeping Program has started.


To find out when your street will be swept, click the 'Street Sweeping Schedule' link on the top right of this page and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your address in the box on the top left of the map and hit the 'enter' key.
  2. Click directly on the red pin to confirm your address on a street view.
  3. Then, click again anywhere on the map. A box will open and you should see your schedule.


Street Sweeping Info


  • The Residential Street Beat schedule is divided into 34 'beats'.
  • Overnight street sweeping is part of our regular street sweeping program.
  • Local streets are completed once in the spring as part of the regular rotation, and again if it is determined a repeat visit is required.
  • Main streets will be cleaned two more times after the initial spring cleaning.

On main streets only, sidewalks that touch the edge of the road (at the curb) and asphalt boulevards are cleaned once in the spring (April to June).  Local sidewalks are not done.


Challenges with Street Sweeping


  • Spring wet weather can impact the performance of flushing/cleaning equipment.
  • Parked cars can hamper operations and give the appearance that spots have been missed. 
  • Any of these factors may require operational adjustments, which can can impact the schedule.
  • The order of beats cleaned is different each year.
  • The flushing/sweeping schedule is developed based on three factors:

i) targeting areas of the city where increased amounts of sand were used on the roads;

ii) maintaining efficiency in the system, and

iii) treating all wards as equitably as possible with service delivery.




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