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Residential Swimming Pools and Pool Fences

Always drain your pool properly, so as not to harm the environment!


Residential Swimming Pools and Pool Fences:

The Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 states, "No person shall construct, or cause to be constructed, a swimming pool without having first obtained a swimming pool fence permit".  Technically speaking, the City of London does not regulate the construction of the pool, but it does regulate and enforce the fences that enclose them. 

New Homes and Subdivisions:

If you've just moved into a new home, or are in a new subdivision, always check to make sure your subdivision has been assumed by the City of London prior to constructing a pool.  Newer neighbourhoods make use of swales and catch basins to direct water away from the property, and constructing a pool without considering overland flows, or consulting your lot grading plan, may prove very costly.  Premature installation, or changing the way water flows across your lot, may require costly re-engineering of your, and neighbouring properties, or could even lead to the removal of the pool at your expense.

Older Homes and Existing Pools

Always make sure any pool and it's requisite fence has a current permit and has been inspected: It is your responsibility to ensure compliance.  If you make changes to an existing fence, you may require a new permit.  Always check with the City of London whenever you move to a home with a pool, or make changes to your existing pool or pool fence.

Mandatory Inspection

After you are issued your permit, and your fence has been constructed, it is mandatory that a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer conducts an inspection. It is the permit owner's responsibility to contact Municipal Law Enforcement Services to schedule the inspection(s).  Call 519-661-4660 to arrange your inspection. Note: Inspection must be completed before the pool is filled with water!


The following by-laws govern pools and pool fences in the City of London:

Swimming Pool Fence By-law

The Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 regulates the construction of the pool fence and stipulates when a permit is required.

Zoning By-law

Section 4.25 of the Zoning By-law regulates where a pool and associated equipment may be located on your property, and provides guidance for you and your contractor regarding how to plan the pool itself.  Always consider the planning of the pool and the necessary fencing at the same time.  Don't forget diving boards, change rooms, cabanas, decks, pumps, and filters as part of your permit application: Always include those details when planning your new pool and applying for your pool fence permit as their locations are regulated by the zoning by-law as well.

Fence By-law

The Fence By-law PS-6 regulates non-pool fences and pool fences that exceed the minimum requirements of Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5.


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