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Parking: Front yard, boulevard, and overnight on the street

Overnight Parking on City Streets

Typically, parking overnight on City of London Streets - between the hours of 3am-5am - is prohibited during the winter months.  This prohibition includes streets and subdivisions that have not yet been assumed.

However, overnight parking is permitted during the summer months, or through a special parking pass.  There are some exceptions, and those streets that you cannot park overnight on are listed here.  Keep in mind that vehicles may not be parked for more than 12 hours at any one location, regardless of the time of year.  Always check before you assume; these rules change annually.

For the most up to date information, check this website

Front Yard & Boulevard Parking

The City of London generally prohibits parking vehicles in the front yard or boulevard in residential areas. Exceptions may only be granted where one has obtained a minor variance, or permission to use the boulevard from Council, in accordance with the City's Residential Front Yard and Boulevard Parking Policy.

Front Yard - Defined

A front yard is defined as "those lands extending across the full width of a lot, between the front lot line and the nearest main wall of any building or structure on the lot."

Boulevard - Defined

A Boulevard is "that portion of every road allowance within the limits of the City of London that is not used as a sidewalk, driveway, travelled roadway or shoulder."

Detailed Information regarding both front yard and boulevard parking is available in Chapter 27 of the Council Policy Manual.  These prohibitions and regulations pertain equally to those streets and subdivisions that have yet to be assumed by the City of London.

Unassumed Subdivisions

These rules apply to new subdivisions and areas that have not yet been assumed.  Please follow the rules as required regardless of where in the City you live or are parking.

To Make a Complaint

Follow the link to make a parking related complaint.

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